Meeting the Increased Demands for Invisalign for Adults, Teens, and Kids in Los Angeles | Lux Orthodontics

by Erin L Cohen DDS | Published Jun. 14, 2021

Have you heard the quote, “A smile is a facelift that’s in everyone’s price range” by author Tom Wilson? This statement is in full effect at Lux Orthodontics. It is one of the many reasons why we, the team at Lux, focus on transforming our patients’ smiles with Invisalign and doing so within patients’ budgets. We believe that enhancing our patients’ smiles provides a renewed confidence and sense of joy – something that is priceless! After completing Invisalign treatment with orthodontist, Dr. Erin Cohen, a recognized Diamond Plus Provider of Invisalign for adults, teens and children, we guarantee many more radiant smiles in the future.

As a Diamond Plus Invisalign provider, Dr. Erin Cohen has treated thousands of patients within and outside Los Angeles using the following cutting-edge technology, which enables her to treat and manage care, both in person and virtually:

  • iTero Digital Scanner, which eliminates the need for messy impressions
  • Virtual Care, which allows Dr Cohen and her team to track patient progress by evaluating weekly photos submitted by the patient through the My Invisalign app
  • In-Face Visualization, which enables Dr Cohen to propose a real-life result of a patient’s final smile on their face by combining her digital treatment plan with the patient’s photo

These are the steps that Dr. Cohen and her team walk patients through when they elect Invisalign treatment and all of its benefits.


Step 1: Orthodontic Assessment of Your Smile

The new patient exam begins with a complete review of medical and dental history, including any planned dental treatment that needs to be considered. Dr. Cohen then speaks with each patient to understand their needs and ‘wish list.’ This is important as there are many ‘right ways’ to accomplish the same goal in the world of orthodontics. Children as young as 7 are treated at Lux with Invisalign. Invisalign reduces the need for headgear and extractions, missing school for broken appliances and frequent office visits. The benefits of increased comfort, nighttime only wear, virtual appointments and lack of emergencies provide both parents and children some relief, compared to the trials often seen with braces. The journey and patient experience is just as important as the final result and this is all explained at this first appointment. Patient input, education and cooperation combined with Dr Cohen’s diagnosis and expertise lead to a recipe for success.


Step 2: Digital Simulation of Your Smile Transformation

The iTero Digital Scanner provides a 3D rendering of a ‘before and after’ smile. The team at Lux can scan a patient in under 3 minutes and it is truly a highlight of the new patient experience. Once a member of the team completes the scan, Dr. Cohen uses this tool to walk through the transformation of the existing smile and to explain in detail how she plans to achieve the proposed final smile. Patients are encouraged to ask questions and get involved! This file is sent to Invisalign, where Dr. Cohen creates the treatment plan so that the Invisalign aligners can be made. Finally, Dr. Cohen emails the simulation to the patient so that family and friends can share in the excitement.


Step 3: Photographs and Imaging of Your Teeth

Photographs of the face and teeth are another great way to document the beginning of the orthodontic journey. They are also used by Dr. Cohen to diagnose and create a treatment plan. Not to mention, they are also fun for patient’s to view at the end of treatment.

High quality photography in the orthodontic treatment planning process demands proper equipment, correct camera settings, and expertise for optimum results. At Lux, we have a dedicated photography studio and a team of experts who make it seamless.


Step 4: Your Treatment

On the day you begin your treatment at Lux:

  • The treatment plan is reviewed
  • The aligners are tried on and checked for fit
  • The attachments are placed on the teeth to help move the teeth as prescribed
  • The swag bag is presented and contains:
    • All of the aligners
    • Aligner chewies
    • Cheek retractors to use when taking Virtual Care photos
    • Popcorn (yes, you heard it correctly!)
  • The Invisalign app is installed on the patient’s phone
  • The patient is invited to participate in Virtual Care.
  • The Invisalign treatment plan and Invisalign Instructions are emailed to the patient
  • The Invisalign introduction video is sent via text.

Now the journey begins!


Let’s Take a Quick Look at the Top Four Benefits of Invisalign that are Meeting the Increased Demand by Patients

On the day you begin your treatment at Lux:

  • Invisalign is gentle, easy to place and remove, comfortable and promotes good brushing and flossing
  • Invisalign prevents emergency appointments during school hours since there are no wires or braces to break
  • Invisalign can be managed with virtual appointments by tracking treatment progress with the use of Virtual Care through the My Invisalign app
  • Invisalign provides flexibility in the wear schedule, including times of travel, sports, summer camps and illness without the risk of emergencies, regression in progress or poor oral hygiene


Visit Your Orthodontist

Dr. Cohen and the team at Lux are waiting to welcome you on what will be an incredible journey to a new smile!

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