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by Erin L Cohen DDS | Published Jul. 1, 2021

Thankfully, things are slowly starting to get back to normal as Covid restrictions begin to lift throughout the country. In light of these restrictions, many industries like orthodontics have incorporated virtual consultations as well as virtual appointments.

At Lux, everything virtual is here to stay! Patients at Lux benefit from the advances in technology that promote virtual appointments. The Virtual Care platform through the My Invisalign app allows Invisalign patients at Lux to share weekly photos and chat with us during their treatment through the app. In return, they receive positive feedback and guidance from us. Below, we take a closer look at how the Doctor and Team at Lux Orthodontics promote digital technology and feature all things virtual.


Virtual Consultation

Virtual consultations last 20 minutes and include a face to face meeting with Dr. Cohen. Prior to the appointment, a channel for texting is created and new patient forms are sent digitally. During this initial appointment, Dr. Cohen answers questions like, “How long does Invisalign take?” “How often must Invisalign be worn?” and “How much does Invisalign cost?”. Younger patients and their parents are able to review options such as removable expanders, Invisalign and braces.


Digital Simulations

Patients who are ready to begin orthodontic treatment come to Lux to have a digital simulation of their smile completed and reviewed by Dr. Cohen. This simulation provides a window into the journey of the smile transformation, which provides the patient with a 3D result before any treatment has even begun. Finally, the simulation is shared via email.


My Invisalign App Download

At the beginning of Invisalign treatment, patients are invited to participate in Virtual Care by downloading the My Invisalign app. Lux provides each patient with a set of cheek retractors and instructions on how to submit photos of the teeth and their bite each week using their phone. Lux reviews photo submissions and communicates directly with patients to encourage them on a job well done or to provide helpful guidance on improving their aligner wear. This platform allows many follow-up appointments to also take place virtually.

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Erin L Cohen, DDS, is the founder of Lux Orthodontics. With her mix of professionalism, skill, and empathy, Diamond Plus Invisalign provider Dr. Erin L Cohen has treated thousands of patients with the Invisalign system.

A second-generation dentist, Dr. Cohen grew up understanding the importance of overall dental health and the power of a bright and beautiful smile. Under her care and the care of her talented staff, rest assured your smile is in the best possible hands. At Lux Orthodontics, our specialized orthodontic plans seek to give you the best and brightest smile, no matter where life takes you.

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