Lux Orthodontics is a Top 1% VIP Diamond Plus Provider of Invisalign for Children

Lux Combines Expertise, Cutting-Edge Technology and a Personalized Experience

As a parent, nothing warms your heart more than seeing your little one pursue their interests, build friendships and discover themselves. Fostering happy and confident children as they explore new experiences is a priority.

Misaligned teeth can make any carefree child feel self-conscious about their appearance. Lux understands this facet of child development and is proud to offer treatment using Invisalign First.

Dr Erin Cohen and her Team understand that every child has unique needs, and that providing them with a customized experience is key to achieving the best possible outcome.

Our genuine passion for developing advanced and personalized treatment plans for our younger patients sets Lux Orthodontics apart from the rest. While any qualified orthodontist can straighten teeth, Dr Erin Cohen uses intricate artistry, state-of-the-art technology, refined expertise and prioritizes consistent communication with her patients to achieve their desired results.

Dr Erin Cohen, the founder and featured orthodontist at Lux, has over 20 years of experience using the Invisalign system and prides herself on evolving as Invisalign evolves. This provides the very best treatment for each and every patient.

The Team at Lux strives to help each child achieve their perfect smile through support, motivation and a seamless experience. Lux offers a text-first approach to answer questions efficiently. Teledentistry is also utilized to provide a digital interface for treatment, which is possible when patients are treated with removable Invisalign aligners. Both of these platforms eliminate unnecessary phone calls and in-office appointments. These benefits also help to create a peaceful office environment, with a smaller volume of patients seen per day (unlike a traditional high-volume orthodontic model).

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Custom Treatment To Complement Your Child's Lifestyle

The Basics and Benefits of Choosing Removable Invisalign Aligners

What Is Invisalign for Kids?

Invisalign straightens teeth and corrects bites through a series of clear, removable aligners that are designed specifically by an orthodontist. The aligners are thin, comfortable and fit securely over the teeth, all the while applying the force needed and remaining discreet.

At Lux, Dr Cohen and her Team take these benefits up a notch by creating a customized experience. The process begins with a digital scan of the teeth using the advanced iTero® 3D scanner. Dr Cohen makes the images comes to life by creating a smile simulation that previews what the smile and bite will look like once treatment is complete. The next step involves photographs of the face and teeth and a 3D Ultra Low Dose X-ray. The images are then used to diagnose and craft a custom plan. Lux invests in the most current technologies to ensure the safest, most accurate and detailed treatment.

Why Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign treatment is a winning combination of comfort, esthetics, accuracy and lifestyle. Compared to traditional braces, clear aligners are comfortable, aesthetically superior and conducive to excellent oral hygiene.

Patients who wear Invisalign also finish 5 months sooner, on average, compared to patients wearing braces. Invisalign is also compatible with every day life. Travel, school, sports and summer camps are part of a Child's life and Invisalign fits in seamlessly.

Lux recommends a friendly schedule of wear to allow children to do all of the above while still finding enough hours of wear during the day and night to accomplish the desired treatment outcome. Since Invisalign aligners are removable, your child can maintain their regular dental hygiene regimen throughout the treatment, reducing the likelihood of decay and gum disease.

What is the Best Age to Start Invisalign Treatment?

Children ages 6 to 10 can be treated with Invisalign First, if diagnosed by an orthodontist with Invisalign experience. Lux delights in the opportunity to help young children find the perfect smile while keeping it fun and carefree. Even if the pediatric dentist has not recommended an orthodontic consultation, it is always prudent to explore the possibilities so timing and options are ideal.

How Much is Invisalign for Kids?

Invisalign costs vary depending on estimated treatment time, location (for example, Los Angeles), insurance benefits and the orthodontist of choice. Invisalign treatment cost can be offset if a dental insurance plan carries an orthodontic benefit. Lux offers several options in cost as well as financing for each.
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Personalized Care Throughout Your Child's Invisalign Treatment

Detailed Attention From the First Appointment to the Last

Extensive Industry Experience

Dr Erin Cohen is a VIP Diamond Plus Invisalign provider, the highest status recognized by Invisalign to orthodontists who meet a benchmark of treating a designated number of patients over time. This vast experience over the last 20 years coupled with her Ivy League education at both Cornell and Columbia University, make her a highly sought after provider of the Invisalign system.

Lux Orthodontics was the featured Practice for the 2021 Invisalign Teen Forum for incorporating all things digital, including the Invisalign Virtual Care system. Teenagers and children alike benefit from Virtual Care, as it allows for a number of Teledentistry appointments during their time in treatment.

Dr Erin Cohen served as an expert panelist at the 2022 Invisalign Summit where she highlighted how to implement Virtual Care into a modern day orthodontic practice. She was also invited to speak at the 2021 Invisalign sales meeting to provide insight on her motivation to become an all-Invisalign practice.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Dr Erin Cohen and the Team at Lux take pride in an ultramodern approach to providing Invisalign for Kids in Los Angeles and beyond. During the first consultation, a smile simulation is created using state-of-the-art imaging technology - the iTero 3D scanner. This scan is used by Dr Cohen and the Team to visually demonstrate a smile transformation from beginning to end. The 3D Ultra Low Dose X-ray allows a full view of teeth, bone, sinuses and joints and contributes to the diagnosis and treatment plan that ultimately creates the most ideal result.

Custom Treatment Plans

The #1 goal at Lux is to create the most beautiful smile while, at the same time, creating space for Children to enjoy their activities. In this vein, Dr Cohen and her Team tailor the treatment and the aligner wear schedule to positively contribute to both a good outcome and patient experience. Lux considers itself a holistic Practice, treating the whole Child, not just their teeth.

Community Involvement

Lux understands the importance of instilling good oral habits, regardless of financial status. As a way of giving back to the community, Lux is proud to provide subsidized orthodontic treatments for our underserved community members. Lux also partners with TerraCycle®, an innovative company recycling hard-to-recycle waste. Lux joins in its mission to protect the planet by promoting clean, sustainable oral care. Lux encourages patients to return all used aligners and then disposes of them through Terracycle. Another cause close to the hearts at Lux is showing our gratitude to Veterans for their service. Annually in November, Lux dedicates time to assemble and distribute 100 oral hygiene kits for homeless Veterans in Los Angeles. Each year, patients, family and friends participate by assembling a kit along with a personal, handwritten note of gratitude.

Go Virtual

Lux elevates the Invisalign Child experience by incorporating a virtual component into treatment. Patients are registered in Virtual Care and are provided with cheek retractors and instructions on submitting weekly photos while wearing aligners. Patients receive immediate feedback as a result as the latest AI feature in Virtual Care. This feature promotes patient engagement and provides quality feedback while patients are not seen in the office.

What Patients Love about Lux

I would give Dr Cohen 100 stars if I could. She is the best orthodontist anyone could ever ask for. She is knowledgeable, reliable and cares deeply for her patients. She always explains complex medical condition to me using the most understandable term. And her attention to detail takes thoroughness to a new level. I don’t live in Los Angeles and Dr Cohen makes extra effort to accommodate my schedule. Her office staff is really awesome too! The lovely staff are professional and responsible. I really appreciate everything Dr Cohen and her team has done for me and I cannot be more satisfied with my results!
Xinlin Z.