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Lux Orthodontics Takes an Ultramodern Approach to Orthodontic Impressions with the iTero® Digital Scanner

In orthodontics, the term “impression” refers to the capturing of the imprint of the teeth. In the past, this imprint would be created by placing an alginate ‘putty’ into an impression tray and then seating the tray into the mouth. Over several minutes, the alginate would harden and then be used to create a stone model of the teeth. The stone model would then be used to fabricate an orthodontic appliance.

While this process accomplished the goal of capturing an imprint of the teeth, this method was often messy, time-consuming and uncomfortable for many patients. In some instances, the material would touch sensitive areas in the mouth, triggering a gag reflex, leading to an overall uncomfortable experience.

With modern evolutions in technology, this method has been replaced with a more effective and convenient process. At Lux Orthodontics, this process is now accomplished using the 3D iTero® digital scanner.

Dr Erin Cohen and the Team at Lux use cutting-edge technology such as the iTero 3D scanner to provide you with the most comfortable yet productive experience during the first visit. With this handheld scanning device, child, teen, and adult patients can take digital impressions using the small, yet powerful intraoral scanner within minutes.

In orthodontic treatments like Invisalign, iTero intraoral scanners capture high-definition digital dental impressions that help Dr Cohen create the most accurate and personalized plan for every patient.

The iTero Element™ intraoral scanner uses optical and laser scanning technology to generate an accurate model of the mouth in full color. The scanner is engineered to work seamlessly with the Invisalign® System and its Outcome Simulator as well as Progress Assessment tools. This enables the team at Lux to elevate precision and enhance your experience from start to finish.

The Outcome Simulator is exclusively powered by the iTero scanner and shows what your smile can look like at the end of treatment, on your very first appointment.

As the trusted orthodontist in Los Angeles, Lux Orthodontics uses industry-leading technologies to offer comfortable, personalized care and, most importantly, precise treatment plans that help you achieve a perfect smile.

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The Digital Scanning System That Generates Accurate Images

The Basics and Benefits of Using the iTero Scanner in Orthodontic Consultations

What Is the iTero Scanner?

The iTero digital intraoral scanner is an advanced system that uses the latest developments in intraoral scanning to create highly detailed impressions of your teeth.

The iTero machine has a wand-like device that is run over the teeth and captures thousands of frames per second to create an equivalent digital 3D impression. The data collected then appears on the iTero screen, allowing you and Dr Cohen to evaluate both tooth and bite alignment. This important visual aid at the consultation appointment helps patients understand their case on a deeper level. As a result, patients have an increased understanding of the proposed treatment.

How Does the iTero Scanner Work?

Using a combination of optical and laser scanning, the iTero scanner captures images of the tooth surfaces as it is moved inside the mouth. It pieces these images together to produce full-color images of the teeth and gums.

The generated 3D model serves as the basis of manufacturing your actual Invisalign clear aligners to achieve a more precise and comfortable fit.

Is the iTero Scanner Safe?

The iTero Element scanner is completely safe and comfortable. Since the scanner simply hovers over the teeth to capture this comprehensive image, both child and adult patients alike will not experience any discomfort during the process.

The intraoral scanner also does not use radiation. Instead, it uses laser imaging to generate a digital orthodontic impression, making it safe for pregnant patients.

How Long Does an iTero Scan Take?

With the iTero digital intraoral scanner used in orthodontic consultations, a digital image of the teeth can be taken within minutes. The scanner eliminates rejected impressions or ill-fitting orthodontic appliances, reducing unnecessary office visits or impression retakes.

iTero Digital Scans Vs. Traditional Impressions

The iTero scanner captures an accurate digital orthodontic impression within minutes and helps to create the best fit for your clear aligners. This technology also offers the Invisalign® Outcome Simulator and Progress Assessment tools, allowing you to view your progress and the possible results on the same visit.

On the other hand, a traditional orthodontic impression and the corresponding stone model have to be physically delivered to the manufacturer who then makes your orthodontic appliance. There are possible delays in starting treatment due to a likely distorted impression.
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iTero Intraoral Scanner: Enjoyable Experiences That Lead to a Gorgeous Smile

Start Your Invisalign Journey on the Right Note

No Awkward Putty Inside Your Mouth

With the iTero Invisalign scanner, Lux replaces the outdated impression system needed for patients to kickstart their orthodontic treatment. The small handheld digital scanner fits comfortably in the mouth, allowing you to breathe and swallow normally while the device scans your teeth.

Less Chair Time

Your digital orthodontic impression appears on the screen within minutes, helping you to better understand your alignment, bite and proposed treatment plan. Because the digital scanner is accurate, the need to retake the impression is eliminated, which reduces unnecessary appointments to the office and saves time.

Precise and Comfortable Fit

While traditional impressions are often challenging to get right the first time, the iTero 3D scanner is incredibly precise. It takes a highly detailed scan of your mouth in minutes and provides a precision fit of your aligners.

Previews That Motivate You

The intraoral scanning technology at Lux also uses time-lapse technology to help you understand how your smile will improve throughout treatment. The Invisalign Outcome Simulator predicts the movement of your teeth before you even start wearing your aligners, giving you a sneak peek of the end results. Extra motivation to wear your aligners as prescribed is built in from the first appointment.

Sustainable Oral Care

Lux offers a more sustainable, eco-friendly way to achieve your desired smile with the iTero digital impression system. Digital impressions of your teeth allow for electronic storage compared to having to store traditional stone models of your teeth in cardboard boxes. In addition, waste generated from traditional impression material and plastic impression trays is eliminated.

Along with our partnership with TerraCycle to recycle used aligners, investing in our iTero Invisalign scanner is one of our many efforts to offer orthodontic care that protects the planet.

What Patients Love about Lux

I would give Dr Cohen 100 stars if I could. She is the best orthodontist anyone could ever ask for. She is knowledgeable, reliable and cares deeply for her patients. She always explains complex medical condition to me using the most understandable term. And her attention to detail takes thoroughness to a new level. I don’t live in Los Angeles and Dr Cohen makes extra effort to accommodate my schedule. Her office staff is really awesome too! The lovely staff are professional and responsible. I really appreciate everything Dr Cohen and her team has done for me and I cannot be more satisfied with my results!
Xinlin Z.