Smile and Shine With Lux

Your smile is where your soul shines through. Lux Orthodontics was named after the Latin word for ‘light’, as we aim to shed light on the endless possibilities in the journey of an orthodontic patient. We believe every smile is unique, with its own history.

Our specialized orthodontic plans seek to give you the best and brightest smile, no matter where life takes you.

Meet the Doctor

With her winning blend of professionalism, skill and empathy, Diamond Plus Invisalign provider Dr. Erin L Cohen has treated thousands of patients with the Invisalign system.

Under her care and the care of her talented staff, you can be assured that your smile is in the best possible hands.

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Community Involvement

Oral health and hygiene, which relate to orthodontic and general health, are a concern for all, regardless of financial status. Research has shown poor oral health can lead to further complications, including tooth pain, tooth loss, and even heart disease.

We are proud to provide subsidized orthodontic treatments for our underserved community members, helping them confidently stand out with treatments that would normally be out of reach.

Meet the Team

Judy Vazquez
Practice Manager
Joaquin Munoz
Clinical Director & Registered Dental Assistant
Crysta Ramos
Patient Concierge & Registered Dental Assistant
Nicole Marino
Branding and Marketing Curator